A passion for entrepreneurship and
innovative business ideas.

Entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust, long-term vision and a bias-to-action: that is the DNA of LandLane Capital.

LandLane Capital was founded in 2008 out of a passion for entrepreneurship and innovative business ideas. Entrepreneurship is hard work and not always a bed of roses. As fellow entrepreneurs we recognise this like no other. But we also know what energy it gives when plans are brought to fruition, goals are achieved and you can celebrate your successes as a team. In short, we know what it is like to start and further develop a company and we enjoy embarking on this adventure together with our fellow entrepreneurs.

“In all the companies we support, the focus is on the team. Together with strong entrepreneurs and the right sector experts, we take companies to the next growth phase in a sustainable way.”

Reaching the next stage with a business is a wonderful goal, but the journey there doesn’t happen by itself. We understand the challenges of entrepreneurship and how deep the downs, but also how high the ups are.

At LandLane Capital, we invest with our own capital and for the long term. We focus on business models with a focus on recurring services (e.g. subscriptions) and on companies that play a central role in the value chain in which they operate and add significant value.


Our team

Jaap Zeeuw van der Laan

Partner & CEO

Jaap has 10+ years of experience in building companies himself (e.g. De Nederlandse Kluis), realising expansion abroad, as well as guiding companies to an improved profit potential.

Corné van Drogenbroek

Partner & CCO

Corné has 15+ years of experience in entrepreneurship and company building (e.g. De Koffiejongens), as well as in guiding companies in further improving their commercial proposition, sales and marketing.

Rens van Rijn

Partner & CFO

Rens has been active for 8+ years in guiding companies in setting up and optimising their strategy, financial management and legal structure. As a strategy consultant at McKinsey, he has, among other things, guided (large and small) companies in the concrete realisation of their value potential (on both the revenue and cost side).

Mark de Voogd


Mark has extensive experience in assisting companies in rolling out digital concepts, automation and in making better use of their digital potential. He is experienced in the formation of a concrete digital strategy, project management and the content of digitisation projects (including programming).

Lotti Wiegerink

Finance Manager

Lotti has experience in the design and management of financial processes and control, and is particularly focused on providing action-oriented insight and advice based on financial information (using tools such as PowerBI).

Marlous van Laar

Head of Marketing

Marlous is 6+ years experienced in building brands and the corresponding marketing strategy. Among other things, she set up several mass media campaigns as marketing manager at Lidl Netherlands. She is experienced in promoting one brand image within all national and local marketing channels.

Reinier van Bergen

MD Doijer & Kalff (Assignment)

Reinier's experience includes financing, coaching and rolling out commercial concepts at start-up and growing companies. From his diverse background, he approaches companies from different perspectives to achieve sustainable growth.

Jan Kappelle

Junior Associate

After successfully completing his traineeship at LandLane, Jan has now progressed to the position of Junior Associate. Jan's working method is result-oriented and hands on. This ensures that the agreed growth objectives are achieved within specific portfolio companies.

Let's get in touch

We like to listen to your story and the road your company has gone through. Every company is unique and we are very curious what opportunities we can seize together. We are happy to look with you, as entrepreneurs among each other.

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